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5 Best Jewellery Pieces for Office Wear

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Should you be wearing jewellery to your office? Why not! As far as you are not reaching out for your bold necklace or the heavy gold jewellery, you can always think of wearing jewellery to your workplace too. But what are these 'office wear jewellery'? What type of jewellery can you wear when dressing up for office? We list 5 such jewellery pieces here that can be called the best jewellery pieces for office wear.

Stud and Huggie earrings are indispensible office wear jewellery

No woman likes to step out of home without an earring. And when it's about office wear jewellery, nothing compares a stud earring. So, when buying jewellery for office wear, consider collecting diamond studs. They are the most classic and elegant pieces of jewellery that you can wear for office. Stud earring with some colour such as those having gemstones are versatile and won't make you feel bored, even at office. A huggie earring also goes well in workplace. Huggie earrings made up of small hoops fit closely around your ear lobes and give you the much needed comfort and sober look in your office. At the same time, they are stylish too.

Use rings to show your personal style at office

Rings are one of those jewellery pieces that make you stand out in a crowd. Well, you need not depend on jewellery to stand out in your workplace, yet, you can't even neglect rings when talking about office wear jewellery. Select a ring that's sleek in style and classic in looks such as sleek diamond rings or even solitaire rings with minimal design. Sterling silver, gold or white gold rings having sober designs also go well as office wear. And if you want to be a little more adventurous, go for sleek, mixed-metal rings and wear them separately or stacked such as two silver, one gold, one hematite or oxidized silver, and one rose-gold plated ring!

Brace that Bracelet and dazzle in your workplace

Give some reward to your hand that works so hard all day at the office, wear a mesmerizing bracelet and let everyone get dazzled with your sparkling personality. Go for a tennis bracelet or line bracelet. They are elegant and classic, most suitable for office wear. You can even wear a set of delicate bangles. And if it's for casual Fridays, don't hesitate to stack them up.

Wear the watch and make it a functional jewellery

All right, watches are not sold at jewellery shops but they are no less than jewellery pieces. Moreover, you can't just skip the most functional accessory- the watch- while dressing up for office. Keep up the time with you in style! Select from many types of jewellery watches or bracelet watches. Go for the one that's elegant and sober yet look like a jewellery piece.

Underline your style statement with a necklace

Wear a necklace to add charm to your personality, especially when going for a conference or an interview. Wear an ultra fine chain with or without a small pendant. In fact, a single pearl can be used as a pendant, it will look sober and elegant as an office wear. Basic gold or silver necklaces are also excellent choices for office wear jewellery.

Wear these five pieces of jewellery to your office, everyday, and celebrate your feminine charm at work too!

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