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Haritika Women's Club

The future is female

Join our community of powerful women who are running businesses, creating homes, nurturing future generations, and are strong leaders. Membership costs are only INR 1,000 annually, with annual events, meetings, sponsorship and networking opportunities. Come mingle with a community of like-minded women and expand your social horizons.

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Rang Utsav - Launch Event
Rang Utsav - Launch Event
Rang Utsav - Launch Event
Rang Utsav - Launch Event
Rang Utsav - Launch Event

Club Benefits

For only INR 1,000/- annually, you are entitled to all these benefits and more with Haritika Women's Club.


Exclusive for Kitty Members

We invite experts on beauty, health, marketing, entrepreneurship to host workshops and share their knowledge with our members.  We offer specialized workshops on jewellery buying, caring for your jewels, and diamond quality so you become a better-informed consumer.


We like to have fun!

We take our members to the movies, or we organize a picnic, and we always welcome innovative suggestions from you for our annual social event. Our showcase feature fashion shows and walks for a cause, or talent shows, so mothers and their kids can show their skills on the runway or the stage.


Growth and confidence

Grow your personal and professional network by meeting new people in your community. Explore a wealth of new opportunities that arise when strong elite women come together and get to know what you can do with the skills you have. Broaden your horizons and watch your confidence grow.


Give back

Support charitable causes you believe in by bringing them to our attention and enabling them exposure so that they can get the funding they need. We believe in supporting unprivileged women, kids with disabilities, and good causes you are passionate about. We encourage other women entrepreneurs making a difference in the world.

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