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What does it mean to be a member?

As a member of Haritika Diamonds and Jewellery, you can avail jewellery by making monthly payments to a specific plan that you can sign up for online via this website, or offline by visiting us in store or at an event. This makes owning and buying jewellery very affordable.

Can I buy jewellery visible on the website? Are there more options?

Yes, you can absolutely request an item you saw on the website but it is subject to its availability at that time. We have even more options at our store, and we even customize jewellery for our customers. We also have new jewellery every week featured on the website with custom EMI plans.

When can I purchase jewellery?

If you are part of a membership plan (online or offline) and want to use that amount toward jewellery purchase then we recommend you buy jewellery after the completion of the plan. You can purchase jewellery for the full amount anytime at our store.

What if I don't want jewellery? Can I still get my money back?

You are eligible for cash back after the completion of your membership plan if it is specified in the plan description. As of now, cashback is only offered on offline plans. Contact us if you'd like to join an offline plan.

Can I sign up for multiple plans at a time?

You can sign up for as many plans as you'd like, and avail jewellery for the total combined amount of all the plans you have signed up for.

Can I avail jewellery for more than the total amount of my plan?

Of course you can! Buy jewellery for more or less than your membership amount, we will simply deduct it from your jewellery purchase total. If your jewellery is less than the total plan amount, then you can put that money toward a future purchase.