About Us

Ancient Tibetan has numerous references to Haritika, described as an enchanting lady, one that captivates the mind and soul with admiration. Inspired by this legend, Haritika Diamonds & Jewellery was created to enchant the world with a wide range of jewellery that offers a combination of traditional and contemporary designs for every occasion.

Blending experience with creativity, and expertise with craftsmanship, we at Haritika Diamonds & Jewellery strive to achieve perfection in the use of gold and diamonds. The first step of selection of stones plays a critical role in the end result, something that gives us the ability to design jewellery that meets the promise of tradition.

Primarily this involves working with fine gold, studded with precious stones in a timeless fusion of Kundan and inlay work. The entire diamond jewellery collection carries certified diamonds and each diamond is hand picked for you.

Exclusive doesn’t need to be expensive, and shopping with Haritika can help you save up to 25% over retail prices. You can buy our designs exclusively through our website or at specially curated exhibitions now hosted monthly. 

At Haritika, we believe that every woman has her own innate sense of style and grace. Our exquisitely crafted designs embellish that aura and add to the charm. As a result of this ongoing relationship, our customers find in our brand a trusted friend that accompanies them through the various colors of their lives.

Kanchan Mittal

She hails from Hyderabad, a city steeped in history, known for its many timeless collections of jewellery. She lives in Delhi, famous for its unique blend of the old and the new, a historic city that serves as India’s bustling capital. This blend of experience has given Kanchan a fairly unique perspective in jewellery design.

Artistic since childhood, Kanchan is well known for her painting and designing skills among her family and friends. Nurturing that talent through detailed studies and dedicated hard work she has developed a passion for jewellery that promises not only quality but also a more personal approach to design.

It is her strong belief that “Every woman wants to own different kinds of jewellery across various phases of her life, and with Haritika, we want to meet these requirements and provide them with the exact designs well within their budget.”

Coming from a family of jewelers, over time she has developed her own unique philosophy in jewellery for the modern women.

“Our customers are our biggest and strongest sales and marketing support. We believe in providing the best to every woman, who deserves nothing less than the best!”- Kanchan Mittal.