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Temple Jewellery


About Temple jewellery

Temple jewellery originated from South India and was used to adorn the statues.The statues In India were ornamented with heavy necklaces that were strung with beads and crafted with intricate designs. Also heavy bangles adorned the statues wrists. In addition, earrings, nose rings and anklets were also used

Despite all the rulers coming and going from India, significance of traditional Indian jewellery didn’t downturn rather its value increased among the coming generations.

Because of its classical and traditional look, temple jewellery is commonly associated with dancers performing Bharatanatyam or Kuchipudi. Temple jewellery includes intricate handwork which makes the jewellery all the more special.

Now a days, temple designs are a part of the Indian woman's bridal jewellery trousseau. Though the statues are still adorned with traditional jewellery, this jewellery is now worn in weddings and festive season too. It has become very popular in the current time.

As the years passed

Reflecting on time gone and history, Indian jewellery has evolved into an art – both in design and workmanship. For the kings, jewels mirrored sign of strength, wealth and pride. Whereas for women. Then and now, jewellery is considered as security whose value and ownership makes them blissful.

Now day’s temple jewellery is in trend as to be worn for special. And most importantly they are part of the Indian woman's bridal jewellery trousseau.

During festivals, auspicious times and occasions of worship of Gods, women wear temple jewellery as wearing these is believed to bring fortuity to the person. From earrings to necklaces to pieces for adorning the hair, feet, hip and even the plait, the temple jewellery that is custom-made, according to the body measurements of the customer, is surely an enviable possession.

Temple jewellery is intricately made with many stones including uncut rubies and diamonds as well as pearls, sapphire and many others with the foundation in gold. They are also embroidered with polki and kundan stones.

Temple jewellery has an incalculable historical value. It’s astonishing designs has captured the Indian jewellery market and the jewellery is being demanded in overseas markets as well.