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Kundan Earrings


Buy Kundan Earrings Online at Haritika Jewellery

If you love to flaunt the authentic traditional looks, there's nothing better than Kundan jewellery! While heavy Kundan jewellery are mostly reserved for weddings and other such special occasions, some of the modern Kundan earrings can be worn almost every day! In fact, if you buy Kundan earrings from Haritika online jewellery store, you can wear them always! Our Kundan gold earrings and other designer Kundan earrings have a fusion of traditional and modern touch.

What types of Kundan earrings can you buy at Haritika?

Online Kundan earrings available here at Haritika include all types of Kundan earrings.

You can buy Kundan drop earrings with exclusive gems dangling from a Kundan gold chain. These Kundan work gold earrings come in all colours as various gemstones and even diamonds and pearls are used to make them unique.

So, you can get black, white, red and almost any colour in Kundan earrings that go with all your dresses. What more, Kundan studded gold earrings price at Haritika is unimaginably affordable!

Handmade Kundan earrings for women available at Haritika are something to be treasured. Whether you talk about Kundan Jhumkas or Jhumar danglers and even tribal earrings made in Kundan work, all our handmade Kundan earrings will make you shine at any occasion.

If you thought there can't be Kundan balis, give this a second thought. Our Kundan gold bali earrings are a delight to wear, especially our chand bali earrings having the serene moon shape which will make you feel as if you are on cloud nine! In fact, our round drop Kundan earrings too look like a unique bali in spite of it being a round drop earrings!

If you love to wear Kundan earrings but do not want to look traditional, buy our stylish Kundan earrings having latest designs that suit your modern personality.

What to expect when you buy Kundan earrings online at Haritika?

You get Kundan earrings made with pure gold having authentic certification. All our gold jewellery is hallmark jewellery and its true for our Kundan gold earrings too.

All our Kundan earrings are made with 14 and 18 karat gold. This makes our Kundan earrings more durable that you can wear for years to come. Those earrings that claim to be made in 24 KT gold may not last for long because that much pure gold is soft and can't withstand the pressure of daily usage. You can wear our Kundan gold earrings day in and day out, they will be with you forever.

When you buy Kundan gold earrings from Haritika and get it delivered anywhere in India, you don't have to pay any shipment charges. You just pay the price of your Kundan earrings online through our secured payment mechanism and get the beautiful earrings delivered at your doorstep.

You can even opt to pay cash on delivery. This makes buying Kundan earring at Haritika so much fun. You actually see and feel the exclusive designer pieces of our Kundan earrings before you pay their prices!

So, don't wait, buy some unique Kundan earrings from Haritika and start making your exclusive Kundan earrings collection!