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Gold jewellery is India's most preferred way of showing its rich cultural and traditional heritage. People of all ages in India are irresistibly attracted to gold. Women, and some men too, buy gold jewellery not only to wear and feel its magical touch but also as investments.

Gold- the most openly kept secret of India.

In India, gold is supreme. The intrinsic Indian tradition of wearing and owning gold has been spun beautifully in India's mythological stories too. While the story of God Brahma's birth from the golden egg that gave him the name Hiranyagarbha makes it pious to own gold, the description of mesmerizing golden hued beauty of Indian goddesses ignite the desire in women to wear gold jewellery.

South India's temple gold jewellery is another example of gold being an inseparable part of Indian culture. The statues in the temples of South India are adorned with heavy gold jewellery. They all have intricate designs be it the gold necklaces, bangles, earrings, nose rings and anklets or the typical gold jewellery pieces for adorning feet, abdomen and even hair plait. These temple gold jewellery are now not only the pride of temples alone but have made ways to the hearts and houses of common people. From Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dancers to the women of your neighbourhood, all can be seen wearing astonishing temple gold jewellery.

Why only you remain devoid of this sheer joy of wearing beautiful temple gold jewellery or the other genres of golden magic such as handmade gold jewellery or designer gold jewellery. If nothing impresses you, go for customized gold jewellery.

Buy Gold Jewellery, Feel the Magic!

Whether it's your wedding or baby shower or some other grand function of your life, you either have to buy gold jewellery or someone else will buy it for you.

You like it or not, you don't have any choice but to possess gold ornaments! That's India and its love for gold jewellery.

If you can't escape it, why not buy gold jewellery of your choice? And now you can buy gold jewellery online too, from the comfort of your home, from Haritika online gold jewellery store!

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Haritika online gold jewellery store has enviable gold jewellery collection. From rings, chains, earrings and pendant sets to necklaces, bangles and bracelets, you name it and we’ve got it all.

Haritika gold jewellery is BIS hallmarked gold jewellery and thus you don't have to worry about its purity.

At Haritika online gold jewellery shopping store, you will find the jewellery that suits you the best.

Here you get handmade traditional gold jewellery as well as modern designer gold jewellery. You also get temple gold jewellery embellished with diamonds, pearls and precious stones like uncut rubies and sapphires as well as others that have polki and kundan stones. Choose what goes with your taste.

Here, you'll get 22 Karat gold jewellery as well as 18 karat gold jewellery without any compromise in designs. Choose the one that suits your budget.

At Haritika, you will get gold jewellery for any and every occasion. Buy gold jewellery for wedding, festivals, for gifts and even for day-to-day usage. On occasions like Akshya Tritiya and Dussehra, you get genuine discounts on the actual price of Haritika gold jewellery. On all other days, our jewellery comes at honest prices without any fake discounts.

When you buy gold jewellery from Haritika online jewellery store, you see gold jewellery designs with price and get just what you see at the same price! And you pay through a complete secure payment mechanism. So, buy gold jewellery online at Haritika without any worries!