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Referred to as 'glowing stone' or 'lamp stone' by ancient Asians, Ruby has been described as "a deep drop of the heart's blood of Mother Earth" in the Eastern legends. Symbolizing zeal and passion, Ruby is the birthstone of those who were born in the month of July.

Ruby Gemstone Meaning

The term ruby originated from the Latin 'ruber' which means red. Sometimes, Ruby is compared with sun due to its glowing red hues which look like inextinguishable flame. With its mystic powers, Ruby is believed to guard its wearer against misfortune and ill health. In ancient times, this red gemstone was worn as an amulet or charm to ward off wicked thoughts and impending dangers.

Why is Ruby the Birthstone of July?

July represents the peak summer season when sun glows with all its might. The red hot ruby perfectly depicts this intensity. Just as sun protects the earth from all the dark objects in space and gives energy to the life here, Ruby birthstone also protects you from negative forces and gives you undying zeal and passion for life.

Ruby Birthstone Benefits

Ruby is not only one of the most expensive gemstones but also the most powerful gemstone of all. The astrologers call Ruby by its Sanskrit name, 'Ratnaraj' which means 'king of the gems'.

  • The striking red colour of Ruby represents energy and instils in you all that is energetic - passion, vitality and power.
  • It brings clarity of thoughts and increases your concentration. This results in motivation that leads you to success.
  • Ruby is also associated with love and passion. Not only does it bring you closer to sensual pleasures of life but also makes you passionate about commitment and intimacy in your relationships.

Healing Properties of Ruby Gemstone

The deep colour of ruby is associated with life force and vitality. This red stone is believed to increase energy, awareness and courage. If people born in July wear their birthstone Ruby, it brings them health and vigour.

  • Like in ancient times when Ruby was used to detoxify blood, it is still used by the crystal healers to detoxify whole body.
  • Wearing ruby birthstone improves circulation and also protects against heart diseases.
  • It stimulates the kidneys, spleen and reproductive organs, thus, ensuring overall health.

Mystical Properties of Ruby Birthstone

Ruby has been associated with magical properties by many since ancient times. It is said that Ruby can protect its wearer from evil.

  • Once you wear your birthstone Ruby, you may feel as if you are unstoppable. It gives you courage, joy, leadership qualities and the will to work selflessly for spiritual endeavours.
  • It promotes creativity and heightens your awareness to the extent that you perform beyond your own imagination.
  • It creates a sense of power within you and at the same time, gives you clarity of thought so that you don't misuse the strength but use it for greater good.

It is not in vain that Ruby has been described as the gemstone of royalty. Kings of ancient time used to wear Ruby which itself authenticates its power. If you were born in July, feel the royalty, wear your birthstone Ruby!