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Diamond Rings


Diamond Rings

The finest diamond rings are on display just a click away. Find diamond solitaire rings, cocktail rings, wedding and engagement rings and bands, diamond nail rings, and a lot more at our online store. Click on any image to take a closer look, go through the product specifications, and read the description of the ring. You can use the search feature, or find the rings by price as well.

Rarely will you find such a rich collection of diamond rings online. We stock both ladies diamond rings and men’s diamond rings.

Express Your Love with a Diamond Wedding or Engagement Ring

The diamond engagement ring has been a symbol of love. Since ages, it has been customary to seal the marriage proposal with a diamond ring. In fact, men from around the world have been proposing marriage for thousands of years with real diamond rings, the best ones they can find for the girl of their dreams.

Vibrant and classy, the best diamond wedding rings are timeless and priceless. They will stay with you forever and we offer you just that, the best diamond rings for her!

But diamond rings are not just perfect for marriages and engagements, they are perfect for almost any other occasion as well – whether it is your first or any other anniversary, a special birthday, or one that you want to wear for the party. There are diamond rings for everyday use as well.

The one thing that is always constant is that, you will forever look good in the ring. But make sure that you get original diamond rings. Go for natural diamonds always. Shop from a store like Haritika that will never stock any fake product!

Diamond Rings for Girls – A Wonderful Gift

These are perfect gift as well. If a special event is coming up, and you are grappling to find a great gift that would be apt for her, you can safely bet on a diamond ring. And if it's for someone too special, go for diamond cocktail rings with stones or, for that matter, without stones. They look stunning anyway! It could even be the best gift she receives ever!

The best thing is, you don't necessarily have to spend a fortune on diamond rings prices, at least, here, at Haritika.

At our store, you can buy diamond rings within your budget, whatever it is. We have a range of products for every pocket – from under ten thousand to over Rs. five lakhs!

Just decide your budget, pick the design, read the details, and select the one you like. See our designer diamond rings on offer at the store now. We are carrying some of the latest diamond rings designs that you will not find anywhere else.

Our certified diamond rings come studded with many stones as well, to make them look even more stunning. You will find them with sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst, garnet, topaz, and many other brilliant stones. The stones and diamonds are set on yellow, white, or rose gold. They are all handcrafted with a lot of attention to the details.

You can never go wrong with a diamond ring you buy at our online store. So go ahead and find one you like.