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Diamond Pendants


Buy Diamond Pendants Online at Haritika Jewellery

A diamond pendant has always hold a place of great importance when it comes to jewellery for India and its attractive women. While diamonds are an all time favourite for women, pendants are close to their heart, and literally so!

Beautiful diamond pendants make you all the more attractive

Whether you choose to buy a single diamond pendant mounted by itself as a solitaire setting or a pendant with an elaborate halo design around it, you are going to be the object of envy! Your face oozes out sheer elegance when it bathes in the brightening light of a diamond pendant.

Diamond pendants go with any and all outfits

Women only know how it feels when they don't find just the right accessories with an outfit. Whether you are an office going woman or a social person, a diamond pendant always comes handy as the best  jewellery accessory. It complements with almost all dresses. What more, when you wear a diamond pendant, no one would dare ignore you!

Choose from wide array of diamond pendant designs at Haritika

At Haritika online jewellery store, you get all types of diamond pendant designs.

Whether you want the classic pendant designs with the princess and round brilliant cut diamonds or the modern designer diamond pendant, we have all of them here.

Whether you want to buy small diamond pendant for your everyday need or a statement pendant to stand out in a crowd, you'll get them here at Haritika Diamonds.

If  you love the natural hint in diamonds, we have uncut diamond pendants for you. And if you love your diamond jewellery in perfect shapes and cuts, you will even get the fancy cut solitaire pendants.

Why buy diamond pendants online at Haritika?

If the innumerable diamond pendant designs available with us is not a good reason enough to buy diamond pendants online here, we have many other reasons too.

We have a wide range of prices when it comes to diamond pendants. From as low as under ten thousand you get diamond pendants worth lakhs of rupees here. And the best part is, our diamond pendant price shows you the exact break up so that you know how much is the exact value of the diamond in your pendant.

When you buy online jewellery at Haritika, you don't have to worry about its authenticity because you get a certified diamond pendant always. Along with the diamond pendant or any other jewellery, you see the logo of certified jewellery. So, while buying your diamond pendant, you can just enjoy the sheer joy of owning a diamond pendant and need not stress yourself about its authenticity.

Overall, our payment mechanism is fully secured and your money is safe when you transact online to buy diamond pendant of your choice at Haritika online Jewellery shop.

So, why wait? Start shopping and own an enviable collection of diamond pendants by sitting right at your home! We bet, you can't resist the unique designs of diamond pendants here!