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Diamond Mangalsutra


Buy Haritika Diamond Mangalsutra Online

Mangalsutra has remained the inseparable part of not only the Indian wedding customs but also an essential part of a married woman's life. It is not only a jewellery, Mangalsutra is the symbol of union of two hearts that become one through marriage! With the changing times, however, the traditional gold and black beads Mangalsutra is seeing a major shift where Diamond Mangalsutra is fast becoming a way of life.

Modern Brides like to adorn Diamond Mangalsutra

The modern bride of today's India is not just confined to the home like before. She has to go out, to her workplace too. The busy and fast life of today's woman has forced her to adopt convenient dresses and the traditional Mangalsutra often do not go with such dresses. What matches the modern outfit of modern Indian women is the Diamond Mangalsutra. The sleek patterns of designer diamond Mangalsutra not only matches the professional avatar of the modern Indian woman but also helps her keep up with the age old traditions.

Why Diamond Mangalsutra is catching the fancy of modern Indian woman?

The versatility in the diamond Mangalsutra designs along with its modernity is what appeals the modern women the most. The Diamond Mangalsutra Pendant or the Diamond Tanmaniya fulfils two major roles in their life. First, it becomes the wedding jewellery that they essentially have to wear and second, the designer Diamond Mangalsutra becomes their fashion accessory that they can show off throughout their life without having to worry about being outdated. Moreover, the shorter chains of black and gold beads that hold the designer Diamond Tanmaniya ensure that the Mangalsutra doesn't disturb the wearer while does her job at office or even home.

Buy your Diamond Mangalsutra from Haritika Online Jewellery Store

Haritika has a collection of latest diamond Mangalsutra designs. To make the Diamond Mangalsutra unique, Some of Haritika's designs also use coloured stones and gemstones. Choose from a variety of Diamond Mangalsutra sets that will bedazzle the onlookers when you wear them, most importantly the special person of your life in whose name you wear this Mangalsutra!

Haritika offers you some of the best real Diamond Mangalsutra sets that are set in 14 and 18 karat yellow gold. You get certified Diamond Mangalsutra here and thus do not have to worry about the authenticity of these real diamonds.

What is more convenient when you shop at Haritika Online Jewellery store is that you get to see the Diamond Mangalsutra price break up. It clearly shows the gold and diamond weight in your Mangalsutra along with the actual diamond value. You get to know what all and how much are you purchasing.

Our payment mechanism is fully secured and thus you can shop here without any worry. But if you are not comfortable paying online, pay cash on delivery. Just select the best Diamond Mangalsutra of your choice and we will bring it at your doorstep. Once you see our Diamond Mangalsutra, we bet you can't take your eyes off it!