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How to Keep your Jewellery Shining?

If your jewellery doesn't shine always, what's the charm in wearing them! A sparkling diamond jewellery or the shining gold and silver jewellery along with crystal clear or colourful gemstones are what add to your personality. Don't let them become dull. Here are some very useful tips on how to keep your jewellery shining forever.

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Handle and wear your jewellery with care

The oil from your skin as well as dirt and dust make your diamonds and other jewellery lose their shine. Handle them carefully to keep your jewellery shining.

  • While wearing your diamond rings, earrings or gemstones jewellery, don't hold the stones. Gently hold the jewellery from somewhere where they attract least oil and grime. When you remove them, again don't grab the gemstones.

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  • Remove your jewellery while taking bath. Chemicals and fragrances in soaps, shampoos etc. damage your jewellery's sheen.

Haritika Jewellery Care Tips

  • Don't spray perfumes and coat your jewellery with cosmetics etc. Wear them after you are done with make-up.

Haritika Jewellery Shining Tips

  • While doing household works like washing dishes or dusting, mopping etc. either wear gloves or remove your diamond, gold or gemstones rings to protect them from chemicals in household cleaners etc.

Jewel-Care-While-Washing-Dishes Remove Ring From Hand

  • Don't wear your jewellery to the gym, especially if you do heavy workouts. Sweating too contribute in making your jewellery dull.

Never Wear Jewellery While Doing Workout

  • Don't wear your jewellery while swimming. Chlorine in the pool water will take away all the shine from your jewellery.

Haritika Jewel CareAvoid Swimming Pool While Wearing Jewellery

Store your jewellery properly

You must pay attention to your jewellery even when you are not wearing them. Store them properly and keep your jewellery shining.

  • Before you store your jewellery in boxes, clean them gently with a soft lint free cloth.

Jewellery Cleaning

  • Don't just pile up your jewellery in the box. If they rub against each other, they'll lose their shine. Either wrap each piece in cotton swab or soft cloth and then store them in a box or use jewellery organizers to keep them safe.

Jewellery Box

  • While travelling too, take your jewellery by storing them in a travel pouch or organizer.

Jewellery Case

Clean your jewellery regularly to keep them shining

As dirt, dust and oil from your body get deposited on your jewellery pieces, they lose their shine. Clean them regularly to keep your jewellery shining.

  • Use a soft lint free cloth to wipe off dirt and oil from your jewellery, every time you remove them or store in jewellery box.
  • If you wear certain jewellery always, clean them once or twice a week using soft cloth.
  • Most of the jewellery like diamond, gold and silver jewellery can be cleaned with water and mild dish wash liquid. Use a soft brush to clean them properly.


  • You can even use soap with water to clean your jewellery but don't do this frequently.

  • You can also use commercial jewellery cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners but follow the instructions carefully while using them.


Get your jewellery re-plated to regain their shine

Rhodium Plating Comparision

White, rose or black gold get their colour and brightness due to alloys mixed with natural yellow gold as well as plating. Plating of gold jewellery wears off due to daily usage and thus you need to re-plate them from time to time. If you see yellow blotches on your white gold jewellery, it's time to get them re-plated, it will keep your jewellery shining.

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