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How to Clean your Jadau Jewellery?

Jadau Jewellery

It is one of the most adorable styles of jewellery loved by Indian women. 'Jadau', as you might know, means a richly engraved piece of jewellery. Kundan, Polki and Meenakari, all go into the making of Jadau jewellery to give it the most richest look. It is not in vain that Jadau jewellery is the most preferred bridal jewellery too. It gives the bride a rich elegant look, the one that every bride longs for. However, once the wedding is over, it is most essential to store and clean Jadau jewellery in  appropriate manner otherwise these expensive Jadau jewellery pieces may lose their charm. But how to clean your Jadau jewellery?

Jadau Jewellery

Clean your Jadau Jewellery gently and in right manner

Kundan, Polki and sometimes even Pearls along with gold are used to make Jadau jewellery in a rich Meenakari engraved setting. Having a variety of precious metals and gems, it becomes quite difficult to clean the Jadau jewellery. Chemicals and even water can damage your Jadau jewellery so never think of using them to clean these exquisite jewellery pieces. Follow the steps given below to clean your Jadau jewellery.

  • Take a soft dry piece of cloth, preferably suede cloth and wipe off the surface of your Jadau jewellery. This is the regular thing to do because humidity can damage your Jadau jewellery. Soft dry cloth ensures your jewellery is totally dried and safe. Whenever you wear your Jadau jewellery, after taking them off, religiously follow this cleaning ritual. Just wipe your Jadau jewellery with a soft cloth before storing them properly.


  • If you see certain stains, blemishes or marks on your Jadau jewellery, use an eraser to clean it off (the common eraser which is used to clean the marks of pencil).


  • Hold the Jadau jewellery piece gently but in a firm manner with one of your hands. Now hold the eraser in your other hand. Gently rub the eraser all over your Jadau jewellery piece. Take care not to do it fast or roughly. Do it with gentle hands.

Jadau Earring with Eraser

  • Once done, use a soft cloth to wipe off all the eraser dust and see the shine your Jadau jewellery emits.

Ring Polishing & Cleaning

  • If, even after cleaning your Jadau jewellery with eraser, you don't see the original shine, you must take the help of professional jewellery cleaners. As your Kundan or Polki Jadau jewellery are expensive as well as delicate, don't take chances with them.

Cleaning Jadau Jewellery- Some Do's and Don'ts Symbol Right & Wrong

  • Never ever use water to clean your Jadau jewellery. In fact, don't let your Jadau jewellery be in a humid place. Moisture damages the expensive gems and stones of your Jadau jewellery.

Jewellery Care Tips

  • After cleaning your Jadau jewellery, wrap each piece separately in soft cotton cloth or cotton swabs and place them in zip pouches. Wrapping each piece separately avoids friction with other jewellery that might cause stains and marks on these pieces.

Jadau Cleaning Tips

  • Storing them in sealed airtight boxes or zip pouches protect your Jadau jewellery from airborne moisture. This way you also save the money that would have gone in professional cleaning of your Jadau jewellery.

Airtight Box for Jewellery

Taking these preventive measures and regular cleaning of Jadau jewellery will ensure that your exquisite Jadau jewellery is forever with you!

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